It is so hard to describe what Burning Man looks like at night that years ago I tried taking time exposures to try and convey some of the magic.

I am very careful about exposure times (NOT!!!) I basically point the camera at something and open the shutter while interesting traffic (art cars and bikes) go by. 30 seconds to 2 minutes and that is that.

Getting these developed is a little hard now a days.. and sometimes the developer doesn't know what to make of them and thinks they are ruined. Trust me.. They are not.


polyparadise_small.jpg thunderdome_small.jpg thunderdome2_small.jpg thunderdome3_small.jpg lookingtowardcentercampfromtheman_small.jpg
centercamp_small.jpg centercamp2_small.jpg centercamp3_small.jpg centercamp4_small.jpg centercamp5_small.jpg
centercamp6_small.jpg aircontroltower_small.jpg aircontroltower2_small.jpg aircontroltower3_small.jpg towardtheman_small.jpg
towardtheman2_small.jpg towardtheman3_small.jpg towardtheman4_small.jpg pedalbump_small.jpg ohlordyicanttellwhatthisis_small.jpg
randomtraffic_small.jpg randomtraffic2_small.jpg

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