Photos of Allen and myself at Burning Man

This year I finally talked my cousin Allen into coming out to Burning Man. He flew into Reno and took the Burner Bus to the event. Luggage came on a separate truck. I really enjoyed his company, and I think he had a ball. Hopefully that shows in these pictures.
Thanks for coming out Allen... I had a blast.

allen_small.jpg arrivingatburningman_small.jpg arrivingatburningman2_small.jpg arrivingatburningman3_small.jpg arrivingatburningman4_small.jpg
incamp_small.jpg allenandiattheburn_small.jpg attheburn_small.jpg attheburn2_small.jpg attheburn3_small.jpg
infirmary_small.jpg waitingforthedoc_small.jpg stillwaiting_small.jpg myfancypartyjacket_small.jpg jacket2_small.jpg
jacket3_small.jpg jacket5_small.jpg kilt2_small.jpg kilt3_small.jpg kilt4_small.jpg
allenwatchingthefightsatthunderdome_small.jpg thunderdome_small.jpg thunderdome2_small.jpg thunderdome3_small.jpg wandering0_small.jpg
wandering2_small.jpg wandering3_small.jpg wandering4_small.jpg ifrontoftheembrace_small.jpg allenatcentercamp_small.jpg
wandering1_small.jpg inthekitchen_small.jpg

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