Burning Man - 2007

The Green Man

His name means The Green One or Verdant One, he is the voice of inspiration to the aspirant and committed artist. He can come as the white light or the gleam on a blade of grass, but more often as an inner mood. The sign of his presences is the ability to work or experience the tireless enthusiasm beyond one's normal capacities....

- William Anderson


This year I spent much less time wandering around. The daily dust storm put a kibosh on that, and for some reason I felt an urgent need to sleep in the middle of the day. You would find me on the floor of the PolyParadise common space in a corner hoping not to get stepped on. Next year for sure I have to do something about cooling off my tent so I can sleep later in there.

Also, there are no time exposures this year. Just never found the evening time to go do it.



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