The following is what the back of the Burning Man ticket for 2007 reads. Read it. It's interesting.

YOU VOLUNTARILY ASSUME THE RISK OF SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH BY ATTENDING AND RELEASE BURNING MAN FROM ANY CLAIM ARISING FROM THIS RISK.You must bring enough food, water, shelter, and first aid to survive one week in a harsh desert environment. Commercial vending is prohibited, as are firearms, fireworks, rockets, and other explosives. You agree to rea and abide by ALL rules in the Survival Guide and follow federal, state and local laws. This is a LEAVE NO TRACE, pack it in, pack it OUT event. You are asked to contribute 2 hours of playa clean up in addition to your own camp. Art cars, art installation, theme camps and performances are not owned or operated by Burning Man and you assume all risk of injury arising from their operation. You appoint Burning Man as your representative to protect your intellectual property or privacy rights, recognizing that Burning Man has no obligation to take action. All vehicles including trucks, trailers and RV's entering or exiting Burning Man are subject to search by Gate staff. Tickets are non-refundable even if the event is terminated early or canceled due to harsh weather, acts of nature, governmental regulations, or conditions beyond Burning Man's control. This ticket is a revocable license that may be revoked by Burning Man for any reason. Use other than personal use of images from Burning Man, or drawings or representations of the Burning Man sculpture on a book cover or in any advertisement, or of the phrase "Burning Man" in the title of any publication or in any advertisement, is prohibited without prior written consent of Burning Man. Burning Man is not liable for acts of God or actions taken by government agencies. Children under 18 years of age can attend the event only accompanied by a parent or guardian, and any person bringing a child to the even agrees for the chile to the contractual terms on this ticket. YOUR USE OF THIS TICKET CONFIRMS YOUR AGREEMENT TO THESE TERMS.