Ulysses BY Joyce, James

The word appears 6 times.

If you find the next sample difficult to read, you are not alone. I was unable to finish this book. The prose is interesting, sometimes amazing, but incredibly dense as these instances show.

.....Episode 8
Sardines on the shelves. Almost taste them by looking. Sandwich? Ham and his descendants mustered and bred there. Potted meats. What is home without Plumtree's potted meat? Incomplete. What a stupid ad! Under the obituary notices they stuck it. All up a plumtree Dignam's potted meat. Cannibals would with lemon and rice. White missionary too salty. Like pickled pork. Expect the chief consumes the parts of honor. Ought to be tough from exercise. His wives in a row to watch the effect. There was a right royal old nigger. Who ate or something the somethings of the reverend Mr MacTrigger. With it an abode of bliss. Lord knows what concoction. Cauls mouldy tripes windpipes faked and minced up. Puzzle find the meat. Kosher. No meat and milk together. Hygiene that was what they call now. Yom Kippur fast spring cleaning of inside. Peace and war depend on some fellow's digestion. Religions. Christmas turkeys and geese. Slaughter of innocents. Eat, drink and be merry. Then casual wards full after. Heads bandaged. Cheese digests all but itself. Mighty cheese.

.....That is the first instance, and a pretty good indication of how the whole book reads. The other instances are as follows:
If you like the epilogue look long on it: prosperous Prospero, the good man rewarded, Lizzie, grandpas lump of love, and nuncle Richie, the bad man taken off by poetic justice to the place where the bad niggers go. Strong curtain. He found in the world without as actual what was in his world withing as possible.

She wore a coquettish little love of a hat of wideleaved nigger straw contrast trimmed with and underbrim of eggblue chenille and at the side a butterfly bow of silk to tone.

Time enough, understand all the ways of the world. And the dark one with the mop head and the nigger mouth. I knew she could whistle. Mouth made for that. Like Molly. Why that high class whore in Jammeet''s wore her veil only to her nose.

.....This next section uses not only the word nigger, but sambo, kaffiir and coon as well. I didn't include these in the total book count. I cannot find any meaning to the phrase ''Sambo choker'' but I have to assume it refers to some part of a livery uniform.
BLOOM: (Looks behind) She often said she'd like to visit. Slumming. The exotic, you see. Negro servants in livery too if she had money. Othello black brute. Eugene Strattong. Even the bones and cornerman at the Livermore Christies. Bohee brothers. Sweep for that matter.

(Tom and Sam Bohee, coloured coons in white duck suits, scarlet socks, upstarched Sambo chokers and large scarlet asters in their button holes, leap out. Each has his banjo slung. Their paler smaller negroid hands jingle the twingtwang wires. Flashing white Kaffir eyes and tusks they rattle through a breakdown in clumsy clogs, twinging, winging and back to back, toe heel , heel toe, with smackfatclacking nigger lips.)

.....This next section is in the middle of a single sentence that runs on for several pages. So I will start it randomly in them middle and leave it randomly after...
... give us a swing out of your whiskers filling her up with a child or twins once a year as regular as the clock always with a smell of children off her the one they called budgers or something like a nigger with a shock of hair on it Jesusjack the child is a black the last time I was there a squad of them falling over on another and bawling you couldn't hear your ears supposed to be...