The Sheltering Sky BY Bowles, Paul

The word appears 1 times.

Another book where the word appears just once. The book takes place in and around the Sahara desert. There are some comments that are anti-Arab by characters who are pretty obviously racist. The author, however, seems to show a sensitivity to the area and its culture, having lived there for a portion of his life around 1933. The word is used to refer to Arab children rather than black people.

Room eleven was Mrs. Lyle's, longer but no less bare than the others, and directly off the entrance. While she drank her tea, she kept rising from the bed where everyone was sitting for lack of chairs, going to the window and crying, "Mosh! Mosh!" into the street.

Presently Port could no longer contains his curiosity. "What is that strange word you're calling out the window, Mrs. Lyle?"

"I'm driving those thieving little niggers away from my car."

"But what are you saying to them? Ist it Arabic?"

"It's French," she said, "and it means get out."

"I see. Do they understand it?"

"They'd jolly well better. ...