Cry the Beloved Country BY Paton, Alan

The word appears 1 times.

This touching book about the development of apartheid South Africa, written in the late 1940's contains the word "nigger" one time - in the phrase where someone denies being a nigger hater. The word "kaffir" appears as well in this novel. This may have been more acceptable then, but now is on the same level as the word nigger in the United States - a derogatory slang for black person.

God knows what's coming to the country, I don't. I'm not a nigger-hater, Jarvis. I try to give 'em a square deal, decent wages, and a clean room, and reasonable time off. Our servants stay with us for years. But the natives as a whole are getting out of hand. They've even started Trade Unions, did you know that?