American Pastoral BY Roth, Phillip

The word appears 2 times.

The book is about the life of a man who runs a glove factory, and whose business is shrinking and whose family is falling apart. The following takes place when he is confronted by someone who does not like him personally, or the way he is trying to save his business. The word is used for effect.

"What do you pay the workers in your factory in Ponce, Puerto Rico? What do you pay the workers who stitch gloves for you in Hong Kong and Taiwan? What do you pay the women going blind in the Phillipines hand stitching designs to satisfy the ladies shopping at Bonwit's? You're nothing but a shitty little capitalist who exploits the brown and yellow people of the world and live in luxury behind the nigger-proof security gates of his mansion."

"I know what a plantation is, Mr. Legree -- I mean, Mr. Levov. I know what it means to run a plantation. You take good care of your niggers. Of course you do. It's called paternal capitalism. You own 'em, you sleep with 'em, and when you are finished with 'em you toss 'em out.