Grapes of Wrath BY Steinbeck, John

The word appears 5 times.

The book takes place during a racist time in our countries history... a time when everyone was a racist, one way or the other.

This guy had words in it that Jesus H. Christ wouldn't know what they meant. Part was like this: 'An' there we spied a nigger, with a trigger that was bigger than and elephant's proboscis or the whanger of a whale.' That proboscis is a nose-like. With and elephant it's his trunk.

He said experimentally, "There we spied a nigger --" and that was all he could remember. At last he turned about and faced the dusty side road that cut off at right angles through the fields.

Got to keep 'em in line or Christ only knows what they'll do! Why, Jesus, they're as dangerous as niggers in the South! If they ever get together there ain't nothin' that'll stop 'em.

They was a lady back home, won't mention no names -- had a nigger kid all of a sudden. Nobody knowed before. Never did hunt out the nigger. Couldn' never hold up her head no more. But I started to tell -- she was a good picker.