Ubik BY Dick, Phillip K.

The word appears 2 times.

This is a rather odd SciFi book about product called Ubik - a spray with world altering properties - or is it the world being altered?

.... The character, Joe, seems to have been moved back in time and it listening to another character speaking
"I thing the Nazis certainly have been a little extreme in some of the things they've don to the Jews, but basically there's been a Jewish question for a long time, something, although maybe not so vile as those concentration camps, had to be done about it. We have a similar problem here in the United States, both with Jews and with the niggers. Eventually we're going to have to do something about both."

"I never actuall hear the term 'nigger' used," Joe said, and found himself appraising the era a little differently, all at once. I forgot about this, he realized.