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Jurassic Park BY Crichton, Michael

Movie Title: Jurassic Park

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Movie Year: 1993

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One of the all time greats before the sequels started to muddy the water. That first scene where you see the dinosaurs walking around and Richard Attenborough says, "Welcome to Jurassic Park!"... just blew everyone away in the theaters... I fell in love with the movie and with the franchise. Some really scary moments, and really laugh out loud ones as well. Thumbs UP thumbs UP THUMBS UP !!!

Summary from IMDB

On Isla Nublar, a new park has just been built with genetically engineered dinosaurs. Tragedy strikes when one of the workers is killed by a velociraptor. The founder of the park, John Hammond, (Richard Attenborough) requests Paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neil) and his assistant, Dr. Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) to come to the park and ensure that it is safe. Also joining them are Hammond's lawyer Donald Gennaro (Martin Ferrero) and chaos theorist Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum). When they reach the island, they are amazed to discover that Hammond has created living dinosaurs. However, at the same time they all have their doubts. Later, Hammond's grandchildren Lex and Tim (Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello) join the group in a tour of the park. Sattler leaves the tour to take care of an ill triceratops. Soon the power in the park is shut down by computer systems geek Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) who wishes to steal embryos from the park to sell to a secret buyer. In the process, many dinosaurs escape their paddocks, including the deadly Tyrannosaurus Rex, who, during a thunderstorm, escapes his paddock & attacks the children, and eats Gennaro. Malcolm is injured & Grant and the children are then lost in the park. Meanwhile, Hammond, Sattler and the rest of the operations team learn that Nedry (who in the meantime has been killed) has locked up the computer system to cover his tracks. They attempt to get power back in the park in order to escape the island. After shutting down the system, then restoring it, the group realizes that velociraptors are also on the loose, & are now on the hunt for the visitors. - Written by Anonymous