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Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal BY Schlosser, Eric

Movie Title: Fast Food Nation

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Movie Year: 2006

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This is only loosely based on the book - or a part of the book. The book is non-fiction - while this story looks like an ensemble piece.

Summary from IMDB

Don Anderson is the Mickey's food restaurant chain's Marketing Director. He is the inventor of the "Big One" the hamburger best seller of Mickey's. An independent research reports the presence of cow's feces in the Big One. So Don is sent to Cody, Colorado, to verify if the slaughterhouse, main supplier of Mickey's, is efficient as it appears and the production process is regular. During his investigations he discovers the horrible truth behind a simple hamburger; the reality is not like we think it is. Don discovers what the mass production system involves, from the temp workers like Amber, to the exploitation of Mexican irregular immigrants. It is not only the meat that is crushed in the mincing machine, but all our society.
. Written by 1felco