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Oliver Twist BY Dickens, Charles

Movie Title: Oliver Twist

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Movie Year: 2005

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I decided NOT to link to the musical versions of this story because this is definitely NOT a musical story. Oliver Twist is a dark tale of inhumanity, theft, and murder. The musical version somehow glosses over all this and makes the story about how wonderful it is to be an abused, neglected and used young boy. Silly.

Summary from IMDB

n the Nineteenth Century, the orphan Oliver Twist is sent to a workhouse, where the children are barely fed and mistreated. He moves to the house of an undertaker, but after an unfair severe spank, he starts a seven day runaway to London. He arrives exhausted and starving, and is welcomed by a gang of pickpockets leaded by the old crook Fagin. When he is mistakenly taken as a thief, the wealthy victim Mr. Brownlow brings Oliver to his home and shelters him. But Fagin and the dangerous Bill Sykes decide to kidnap Oliver to burglarize Mr. Brownlow's fancy house. Oliver is wounded, while Mr. Brownlow tries to save Oliver.
- Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil