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Mrs. Dalloway BY Woolf, Virginia

Movie Title: Mrs Dalloway

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Movie Year: 1997

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London 1923. Clarissa Dalloway is preparing for a party that evening. While the maid is preparing the house, Mrs. Dalloway is going to buy the flowers. On her walk through London she thinks about her youth when she and her friend Sally lived with there parents in Bourton (rural England). There she had a friend Peter Walsh who wanted to marry her. Although she loved him she decided not to marry him but to marry Richard Dalloway. Peter Walsh came back the day before out of India and later that day he calls at her house to talk with her. They still feel a lot for one another. And the rest of that day they both think of the time in Bourton. We also follow Septimus Warren Smith, a veteran of the great war (WOI). This war gave him a very traumatic experience which lead him to kill himself. Then the party starts and she doesn't like it until the party seems to turn right after all.
- Written by Bram van Dam