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The House of Mirth BY Wharton, Edith

Movie Title: The House of Mirth

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Movie Year: 2000

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New York, 1905. Lily Bart is a young, attractive woman, a socialite who knows how to go around in the high society. She has one problem though, she is financially dependent. Her only income is a small allowance her aunt Julia gives her. Her big secret is that she has gambling debts, so high that the problems can't be overseen. Her whole reputation is at stake. Marrying a rich man would mean the end of her problems, but nothing seems to work. She purposely sabotages a date with the wealthy, but dull Percy Gryce. She wants nothing from he advances of Jewish stock broker Sim Rosedale either. Only Lawrence Selden interests her, but he isn't rich and he knows that's why a marriage could never work. When good friend Gus Trenor, who wants an affair with Lily, squanders even more her of money on the stock market, Lily quickly loses her grip on life. Her only solution lies in a couple of private letters she bought, but revealing them will hurt the only man she has ever loved.
- Written by Arnoud Tiele (