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The Spy Who Came in from the Cold: A George Smiley Nove BY Carré, John le

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Movie Year: 1965

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Alec Leamas is the operative for the British Secret Service overseeing the field agents and their activities in Berlin. Recent activities in the field in Berlin and Alec's long term status in the position make his London based boss, Control, openly wonder if Alec is burnt out and thus needs to come in from the cold to a London based desk job. Alec's deteriorating state of mind is what Control wants the enemies to believe as he asks Alec to do one last job out in the field. Alec is to pretend to become a drunkard due to his disillusionment with the job, working whatever odd desk jobs outside of the inner circle. This change in attitude would make Alec ripe for turning information to the enemies. What Alec is supposed to do is implicate a purely East German spy, Hans-Dieter Mundt, as a double agent to the East Germans, leading to Mundt being murdered by his own, the Brits expecting the one figuratively to pull the trigger being Mundt's second in command, an East German Jew named Fiedler, who hates his boss. Beyond the regular dangers in Alec being found out or Mundt being able to convince his masters of his innocence, Alec faces one initially unintended obstacle, namely his relationship with a woman named Nan Perry. Alec met her during one of those office jobs, she openly a member of the British Communist Party, but one who, in her idealistic state, saw herself as drunkard Alec's savior. Alec wants to keep her out of what is occurring, which may be difficult as both sides, while watching Alec's movements, will see their involvement with each other.
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