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Sphere BY Crichton, Michael

Movie Title: Sphere

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Movie Year: 1998

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I recall this movie being kinda stupid. Guess it reflects the book that way.

Summary from IMDB

The psychiatrist Dr. Norman Goodman travels from San Diego to the middle of nowhere in the Pacific Ocean to help survivors of a plane crash. Soon he learns that he was actually summoned by Captain Harold C. Barnes to team-up with the biochemistry Dr. Elizabeth 'Beth' Halperin; the mathematician Dr. Harry Adams; and the astrophysical Dr. Ted Fielding to investigate an unknown life form in a spacecraft that crashed two hundred and eighty-eight years ago. The team saturates with helium to travel to a base close to the UFO 1,000 feet below the ocean and operated by the military Alice 'Teeny' Fletcher and Jane Edmunds. Barnes, Norman, Beth, Harry and Ted go to the spaceship and discover that it is terrestrial from the future. Further, the computer indicates an Unknown Entry Event, probably a Black Hole that brought the spaceship to the past. Harry uses logic and concludes that if the crew had never heard anything about their discovery in the present days, they will probably dies. But they all are intrigued with a mysterious sphere inside the spacecraft. There is a storm in the surface and the fleet must leave the area, leaving Barnes and his team without communication. Harry sneaks out and enters in the sphere and then his manifestations come to life threatening the group. Will they survive to the power of the mysterious sphere?
- Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil