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Congo BY Crichton, Michael

Movie Title: Congo

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Movie Year: 1995

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I remember this. Nice little action adventure with no point beyond people shooting and running for their lives. Love Laura Linney, and Tim Curry is great as always.

Summary from IMDB

In Congo, Charles Travis is testing a communication system by laser with his former fiancée Dr. Karen Ross for the TraviCom network. Charles is the son of the millionaire R.B. Travis, who owns the TraviCom and is Karen's employer. Charles and his friend Jeffrey find the ruins of a lost city but are somehow killed. Meanwhile their camp is completely destroyed and then the camera is shut down by a creature. Travis discloses to Karen that his son was actually trying to find a rare blue diamond in Congo and sends her to look for him. Meanwhile, Dr. Peter Elliot and his assistant Richard are testing communication with the gorilla Amy and they decide to take her back to Congo since the animal seems to miss her birthplace. However they have funding issue but the Romanian philanthropist Herkermer Homolka offers to financially assist them. In the airport, Karen provides more money and joins the expedition. In the politically unstable Africa, they meet the experienced guide Captain Munro Kelly that bribes Captain Wanta to let them go. Further, he discloses that Homolka's real intention is to find the Lost City of Zinj. Then they embark in a plane in the beginning of a dangerous adventure in Congo.
- Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil