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Of Human Bondage BY Maugham, W. Somerset

Movie Title: Of Human Bondage

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Movie Year: 1964

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Note: There is an earlier version starring Bette Davis that established her as a star.

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In Paris, the clubfooted aspirant painter Philip Carey is advised by an acquaintance to give-up his artistic ambition since he would be a mediocre artist. Philip joins a medical school in London using his inheritance to pay schooling and to have a simple but comfortable life. When he meets the waitress Mildred Rogers in a restaurant, the shy Philip has a crush on her but she rejects him. Philip stalks Mildred and dates her; however the easy woman scorns him. When Philip proposes Mildred, she tells him that she is going to marry her lover Mille, leaving the brokenhearted Philip obsessed for her. He tries to move on, dating the intellectual Norah Nesbitt in an unrequited love. However, when Mildred returns alone and pregnant, Philip lodges her at home. Sooner Mildred becomes lover of Philip's best friend Griffiths and leaves Philip again. When Philip finds Mildred prostituting on the red light district, he brings Mildred and her baby to live with him. Mildred unsuccessfully tries to seduce Philip but he loathes her. Mildred feels humiliated and wrecks his apartment, and Philip quits the medical school. Meanwhile Philip befriends Thorpe Athelny that introduces his daughter Sally Athelny to him. But Philip is still haunted by his passion for Mildred.
- Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil