Ender's Game BY Card, Orson Scott

Banned/Challenged Book: Ender’s Game

Reason for Banning: This book has been banned for profanity, an anti-adult theme, and for use of the ”n” word, used when Ender is making an anti-racist point. Mostly Ender’s Game has been criticized for excusing violence. But Ender’s Game is really about compassion.

Schofield Teacher Reinstated A few weeks ago we reported on a parent who questioned the appropriateness of three books in a middle school classroom, Ender’s Game included, calling one or more of the books pornographic. The South Carolina teacher was placed on review while the school district and police investigated the claim and decided whether criminal charges would be filed. Today the Aiken Standard reports that no criminal files were charged and that the teacher was reinstated on Monday.

“After conducting its own investigation, the Aiken Department of Public Safety did not file any criminal charges. Officials said the teacher did nothing criminal and considered the case closed. They offered no further details. No further details were immediately available from district administrators about the decision to return the teacher to class.”

Ender’s Game author, Orson Scott Card, responded to the parent’s pornographic allegations last week. Read Card’s response here.

Is Ender’s Game Appropriate for a Classroom? March 15, 2012

According to the Aiken Standard, a middle school parent in South Carolina is fighting to stop Ender’s Game being read in school. The student and parent complained to the administration that the book’s material was pornographic and inappropriate for the classroom.

Joy Shealy, the school district’s academic officer for middle schools, stated that there is a policy which defines steps teachers ought to take when presenting supplemental material. “One of the things that teachers are supposed to do is preview material for appropriateness for any questions that may come up,” Shealy said. “By doing that, we make sure the materials that are presented to students are age and instructionally appropriate – all the things that make a good instructional program.”

While Ender’s Game and two other books are under review, the teacher who presented Ender’s Game to his student has been placed on administrative leave. Ender’s Game is recommended for ages 12 and up; the middle school student at the source of the complaint is 14-years-old.

How many of the readers here had to read Ender’s Game in school? At what age?

Update: A local news station reports, the three books that were under review are Ender’s Game, Devil’s Paintbox by Victoria McKearnan; and Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case by Agathie Christie. Two of these three books has been deemed inappropriate by the school district for middle school students. Whether Ender’s Game is one of the books labeled inappropriate is not clear yet. The teacher who assigned these books is still on administrative leave while investigators determine whether criminal files will be charged.

All because ONE parent got a bug up his/her ass. Wow.