On The Road BY Kerouac, Jack

It's a surprise to me, but I can find only one solid instance of this book being banned anywhere... A surprise given the general moral character described in the book - I found it offensive, and if teens were reading it, I would imagine many a stuck up parent would find it offensive too. But, here is the reference.

This book was banned in South Africa as discussed in the following essay at


Reviewed by Giles Hugo

"WHEN I first encountered Jack Kerouac's writing I was working in a Johannesburg bookshop. Every week we were issued a copy of Jakobsen's List, detailing all the decisions of the South African Publications Control Board (PCB). If a book was banned, you had to return it to the publisher, embargoed books were taken off the shelves pending a decision by the PCB, and a title released from embargo could be put back on sale. Very rarely a book was unbanned.

That was back in 1968, and I didn't hang around in the job long enough to see the works of Jack Kerouac unbanned. But I did manage to acquire as much of the Duluouz saga as I could. As soon as one of his titles came in it was usually listed as embargoed, and I would put one aside for myself. 'On the Road' was already banned, so I had to wait until I got to London later that year to up on the classic that made his reputation. Instead I started with 'Desolation Angels', and I still think it is a fuller, more intriguing work than 'On the Road'. "