The Joy Luck Club BY Tan, Amy

Challenged at the Arrowhead High School in Merton (WI) as an elective reading list assignment by a parent because the book contains "sexually explicit and inappropriate material."

The book had content not suitable for young readers and audiences due to it’s sexual content. The movie itself is Rated R for obvious reasons. The community who wanted in banned stated it went against the communities morals or standards. In the book, it consist of child abuse, swear words, goes into depth about death and again its sexual content. Let us now go into deeper understanding of why The Joy Luck Club book, who has stood proudly on the New York Times Bestseller list for nine months is now banned. This book should be banned because it does contain content not suitable for minors.

After her life changing experiences in the "Joy Luck Club" and her feud with Harper, Amy wrote "The Joy Luck Club", a novel based on her experiences with Harper.

The novel was soon banned for its profanity, because the Amy based character would repeatedly curse off the Harper based character, setting a bad example for children.

An excerpt from the novel: "You f***ing b***h! Get out of this f***ing roon before I chop your head off!" (*= bleeped out for the sake of the children)

Amy was ashamed at her failure and hung her head down in shame.