Watership Down BY Adams, Richard

Watership Down is sort of like a rabbity version of Lord of the Rings. The plot is epic and filled with trials and tribulations, and it features a large party of rabbits of different skills and attributes. These rabbits sought a new home, and they had to fight to get there every step of the way. In fact, the conflict and brutal realism of Watership Down is one of the factors that have caused this classic to be banned time and time again. Though never banned nationally to my knowledge, select schools in the U.S. have been known to ban this book. New York is one state that is home to schools enforcing such a ban, though the phenomenon doesn’t appear to be too widespread. Whatever the case, this epic tale seems to either terrify or inspire people – so what’s the outlook for this timeless classic? If you asked Fiver, the oracular rabbit of the party, I think he’d say that Watership Down will be around for a very long time indeed.