Are You There God? It's Me Margaret BY Blume, Judy

They called it “sexually offensive,” “immoral,” and “profane,” but let’s be honest here: the real answer is “TOO MUCH PERIOD.” Hey, tween gals on the cusp of lady-dom? Don’t panic! Don’t panic even though you live in a world where no one likes to acknowledge that this happens to you! Forget Judy Blume and turn your attention toward these tampon commercials where women do nothing but turn cartwheels on a beach. Yeah. Thiiiiis is reality. Shhh.

Are You There, God? It's Me Margaret by Judy Blume was challenged in many libraries, but removed from the Gilbert, Arizona elementary school libraries (1980) and ordered that parental consent be required for students to check out this title from the junior high school library. It was challenged in Tuscaloosa, Alabama (1982) and Fund du Lac, Wisconsin (1982) school systems because the book is "sexually offensive and amoral". Blume's book was challenged at the Xenia, Ohio school libraries (1983) because the book is built around two themes: sex and anti-Christian behavior. It was challenged as profane, immoral and offensive, but retained in the Bozeman, Montana school libraries (1985). It was restricted in Zimmerman, Minnesota (1982) to students who had written permission from their parents. After the Minnesota Civil Liberties Union sued the Elk River, Minnesota school board (1983), the Board reversed its decision to restrict this title to students who had written permission from their parents.