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Red Dragon BY Harris, Thomas

Movie Title: Red Dragon

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Movie Year: 2002

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This movie was excellent in an of itself; and not just because it brought back the infamous character Hannibal Lecter. Oh, if you have not seen Silence of the Lambs, you are missing a major film character. This movie could stand alone and is so worth seeing.

Summary from IMDB

3 Years after retiring from the FBI because of a near-fatal encounter with Hannibal Lecter, who was helping him catch the "Chesapeake Ripper", only to reveal it was Hannibal himself, Will Graham is asked by his ex-partner Jack Crawford to come solve one last case - 2 slaughtered families every full moon. They have 3 weeks until the next full moon to find the madman, but an innocent blind woman has found him first... Will Graham must risk his family's security and his own safety to track down this one last murderer - the epitome of all evil - The Red Dragon.
- Written by Andrew Tenebrae